1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month – Modern Board Games


Introduction to Modern Board Games. 

If you thought that the only board games were Monopoly, Cludeo and Trivial Pursuit, then you may be surprised to know that a different type of board game exist.  “Modern” board games are not very well known about and sometimes hard to find, but are extremely good fun and growing in popularity.  Most of them are easy to learn and quick to play.

We are up and running and playing a variety of board games on the first Wednesday of each month, starting from 7pm (but you can come later if you like).  Various board games will be available to try out, and local board game enthusiasts will be available to teach you how to play them.  There are games suitable for all ages, and no prior knowledge or experience is required.


If you are interested in trying something different for an evening contact us on 01884 33265

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